The booking calendar becomes available twice a week:
  • On mondays you can book the weekend hours
  • On Thursdays you can book the hours for the beginning of the next week.
You will always get a notification to remind you that you can pick your hours (you won’t receive a notification if you’re already in the app).
You can book your collaboration hours in the calendar section of the Glover app. The available hours appear in white, while the full ones appear in grey. You just need to tap the available hours during which you want to collaborate and they will turn green, indicating to you that they are successfully booked. (Keep in mind that the hours marked with a lock cannot be deselected).
The calendar opens first to couriers with the highest Excellence Score.
“If you are a new courier, you will not have an Excellence Score until you reach 50 orders.
When you start delivering orders, your Excellence Score is calculated but it won’t take any effect. In other words, you will be able to book hours the same as the average courier in your city. But once you have reached 50 delivered orders, your Excellence Score will come into play. You can check your Excellence Score in your profile (in app) and you will start being able to access booking hours based on your score.”

If you want to remove hours that you have booked, you can do it in two different ways:

  1. If you want to remove a slot up to 3 hours before it starts, you can do so through the app.
  2. If the slot you want to remove starts in less than 3 hours, you have to contact us via the Support chat.

If a slot on your calendar shows up in red, it might be for one of the following reasons:

You didn’t check in on time

Remember, you need to do this 15 minutes before your reserved slot. You’ll receive a push notification which you can click on to connect.

You aren’t inside the area we cover in your city.

Use the map in the app to check that you’re inside the limits set for receiving orders.

Maybe you don’t have enough battery.

Make sure you have your phone charged, with more than 20% battery.

The calendar shows the status of your collaboration using different colours. This allows you to know if you are checked in or if a slot is booked, finished, missed or blocked.


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