It’s straightforward:

Boost your earnings by completing a set number of orders, at specific times, during a challenge. If you decide to take part, you will earn extra for each objective you achieve. Make sure you check the rules, time, and dates to book your slots accordingly. Good luck!

Worried about what happens if you don’t complete a challenge?

Don’t be! Choosing not to take part, or even leaving challenges unfinished, has no effect on your Excellence Score. There are no losers in this game, just winners!

Challenges aren’t designed for you to choose the easiest orders. We set rules that are fair for everyone. So make sure to check the rules of each challenge before joining. There you’ll find all the rules you’ll need to follow to make sure those completed orders convert into well-earned rewards.

Challenges start and end on specific days. To participate, you will have to deliver orders during certain times during the course of the challenge. Remember that you must click the ""Join"" button for orders to start to count towards the challenge. When the challenge period ends, if you’ve met the objectives, you will receive your well-deserved reward!
Challenges start and end at specific times of day, and are deactivated outside those periods. Remember that what’s important is when an order is accepted, no when it’s completed. If for example a challenge starts at 8pm and finishes at 10pm, accepting an order before 8pm doesn’t count, even if you finish the order within the time slot. On the other hand, accepting an order at 9:59 pm could be really worth your while!

Extra earnings from challenges, the amount you can earn and the way you can earn it will vary from challenge to challenge. What will always stay the same is the way you will receive your earnings: the extras you earn will be shown on your summary and be paid on the invoice corresponding to the period during which the campaign was run. That means you won’t see it applied to an order, but to your next invoice. Don’t forget to read the rules and follow them carefully so you’re not disappointed!.

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