The Excellence Score was created to evaluate the reputation of a courier as an independent professional based on different criteria, such as customers ratings, orders delivered during high-demand hours established by Partners, and other variables that are detailed in the next section.

The scoring system was designed to determine in which order couriers can access hours in the platform. It is a way for Partners and users to evaluate couriers, to boost their reputation, and give them first access to slots in the calendar.
In light of that, a courier’s Excellence Score grants them access to book slots in a descending order, from high to low.

Until recently, the Excellence Score was a number between 1 and 100, and couriers needed to have delivered 50 orders for it to be calculated.

The previous formula considered 3 groups of variables
  • Partners (high-demand hours and Partner ratings)
  • Customer ratings
  • Platform behaviour (efficiency and seniority)

However, feedback from Partners suggested that this system was inefficient and unreliable for scoring couriers. Couriers were stuck with the same score, regardless of the improvement in their levels of service.

Recently, as per the requirements from Partners and couriers, the formula has been redesigned in order to better reflect the changes in the parameters, and the results from couriers’ improved service when delivering orders. From now on, the Excellence Score will consist of a number between 0 and 5, and will be readjusted according to the parameters that are detailed below. Every parameter has a different weight that varies depending on the city, according to the different needs of Partners and users.

The upgraded formula, apart from changing the scale of the score and the scoring system, is also more sensitive to change and better reflects how professional the courier’s service is perceived by the different parties involved with the platform.

The score is no longer based on the last 28 consecutive days. It now only considers the previous 28 days on which the courier booked at least 1 slot
Previously, the formula was calculated considering the couriers’ level of service over the previous 28 consecutive days. The new formula also measures a 28-day average, but only considers the days on which the courier booked at least one slot. That could actually be the last 28 consecutive days, but it could also be over a period of 3 months, for example.
This means that couriers can connect or not whenever they want, and the Excellence Score will only be calculated based on the days when they collaborate.
The parameters of the formula now consider the amount of orders, number of slots booked, and hours connected
From now on, the parameters will be weighted by the volume of orders, slots booked, and hours collaborating.
This means that one bad performance does not affect different couriers in the same way: a courier that has delivered 10 orders and receives 1 bad rating from a customer is not as affected as a courier that has delivered 2 orders and receives 1 bad rating.
Recent collaborations are more important than performances from longer ago
The formula is designed so that couriers’ recent collaborations weigh more than those that took place at the beginning of the 28-day period.
This way, we ensure that couriers who have been using Glovo platform well and working to improve their relationship delivering orders get a chance to increase their score, and get earlier access to hours as a result.
New couriers won’t have to wait for the 50th order to get their score anymore
With the new Excellence Score, new couriers get their services measured after they have reached 7 days with at least one slot booked. They will be able to see their score in the app on the 8th day.

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