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Filling out your claim with ease

The profile section in the Courier App gives you direct access to file an insurance claim after an accident.

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Stay protected: Your coverage

The insurance partners Allianz and Ferrer & Ojeda keep you covered from the moment you start to use the app until an hour after your connection ends.

Personal incidents

Ferrer & Ojeda protects you in the event of a personal accident, hospitalisation or illness

Physical accidents

In case of an accident, your focus should be on your recovery. Ferrer & Ojeda and Allianz will take care of the rest

How it works

To start the accident claim with Ferrer & Ojeda, click on "Claim now".

step 1Enter your personal details

step 2Fill in identification information

step 3Provide detailed information about your accident

step 4Uploaded all your medical documents and accident evidence

step 5Agree to the data processing and click "send"

step 6You'll receive your financial support within 30 to 60 days after your claim is verified

Damage to third parties

Ferrer & Ojeda provides you with coverage for material or physical damage to third parties. Remember that this cover only applies to third party damage. This means if a vehicle or body is damaged by someone other than you. You still need to have your own insurance for your car or motorbike.

Supporting evidence

Before filling out your claim form, make sure you have documents or evidence (e.g. photos) of the accident at hand. Ferrer & Ojeda will ask you for details of your accident and the loss you wish to declare.

person braking the bike
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Covered for special events

Beyond accidents: Parent support

It's always good to have a helping hand also in your most beautiful moments. The insurance offers you parent support. You receive a one-off payment from the insurance company when your child is born or adopted.

Claim now

Be sure to add receipts of your purchase to the claim to receive the full amount. You'll need to attach one of the three (medical) documents:

step 1birth certificate in case of birth of your child

step 2date of adoption in case of adoption

step 3date of event in case of stillbirth