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23rd June 2024 · 2'

After you have picked up an order from the store, you are driving to the delivery point.

Remember to always check in the app for the amount to receive from the customer!


Kindly note that it is best to confirm payment for the item before leaving the delivery location. The customer can pay either with cash or a transfer.

For cash, count the money in the presence of the customer and get an affirmation from the customer that it is the exact amount.

If the customer chooses to make a transfer, please make sure to receive a confirmation from your bank, preferably a bank app, before handing over the item.

Remember to remain professional and calm if there is a delay in the confirmation.

Reach out to support if you suspect any foul play on the part of the customer like fake transfers, or you do not receive the alert 5-10mins.

Remember, you must confirm the payment before completing the delivery.

Also, reach out to support if the customer doesn’t want to pay the full amount stated on the app. You would be instructed on what to do. As an excellent courier, you do not need to shout or harass the customer. Follow the instructions given by support to avoid any form of confrontation.

Proceed to click on ‘Money Collected’  and you are good to go!!