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Making the most out of Support Options ?

3rd March 2024 · 1'

We acknowledge that the courier’s time and experience are very important. This is why we strive to provide timely support to all couriers whether they are collaborating and have active orders or via email when not on active orders. Please see some tips and ideas on how to access support for issues you may face:

Chat support
We can provide chat support for the following issues:
– Current order and issues related to its progress
– Request for receipt uploads
– Rain allowance/Weight allowance
– Emergency contact, traffic accident
– Delivery point issues
– Store location issues
– Cash top up

Email support

– Cash balance issues after payment confirmation
– Excellence score
– Canceled order issues
– Incorrect distance compensation
– Account block/unblock
– Profile change / update

Issues that you can resolve from within the app
-Choose hours
-Cancellation of hours

Contact the customer if:
–Product changes are needed
– Address needs to be specified
Orders are distributed by the program algorithm, therefore there is no need to contact on this matter
If you have not received the order, check the GPS, restart the application, and start moving around to busier stores.

We wish you staying safe on the road!