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Improved Earnings Structure

18th July 2024 · 4'

We want every order to be rewarding to deliver, especially when petrol prices are on the rise. Have you checked out the new earnings structure?

Introducing minimum earnings per order

A guaranteed minimum payment of GHS 9 per order helps couriers to deliver each order with a fair earning. With this, you’ll get smoother through times of inflation.

No matter what type of order you get, you can count on us to compensate you for any earnings below 9 GHS. Remember, there’s no upper limit on earnings! ?

Earnings structure in summary

So, how has the earning structure changed? In addition to the 9 GHS minimum you earn for each order, your earnings are still based on distance, waiting time and challenges:

Reassignments impact excellence score

We understand that sometimes delivering orders with shorter distances might seem more appealing. Keep in mind that if you reassign orders, it can hurt your Excellence Score. We advise you to keep reassignments to a minimum to ensure that you can deliver when you want to in the long term.
If you want to keep – or get – first access to calendar openings, you might try to keep your reassignments as small as possible.