We know diving straight into your first order with Glovo can be confusing, but don’t worry! The following article will explain the whole process in detail, and you’ll see it’s very easy.

Check in

15 minutes before your slot begins, you will receive a check-in notification. Simply check in to confirm that you're available during the hours you have scheduled.

Order received

When you receive an order, if auto-acceptance in turned on, the app will show you a general overview of the order: what you’ll be delivering and the pick-up and delivery points.

Order begins

Take some time to look at the map that the app shows. Once you’re familiarised with the route, and with the help of Google Maps, you can start your journey to the pick-up point.

Pick up the order

The app will tell you if you have to ask for the products and which payment method is needed. Then, you pick up the products, pay if needed, upload a photo to the app and store the order in your bag. Uploading the receipt is mandatory for the customer to be able to pay for the order. It’s also important that the price in the app is the same as on the receipt. If there’s any difference between the uploaded amount and what you paid, there will be a mismatch in your invoice (don’t upload the time or another ticket).

Deliver the order

Once at the delivery point, the customer will have to sign with their finger via the app and then you can hand the order over. Please remember to ask for a signature first before handing the order over. That way we avoid card issues.

Easy peasy!

If at any point during the process you have an issue, our chat support team is always there for you. Any doubts about the different kinds of orders?

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