G-learning is a digital platform where couriers from all over the world can access online courses. Foxize was in charge for the platform set-up, and Goodhabitz for the content area.

G-Learning gives couriers access to a wide range of knowledge. Couriers can learn about business, develop personal skills, or master new languages.

Main categories:

  • Positive leadership
  • Management and teams
  • Well-being and safety Productivity
  • Business development
  • Communication and languages
  • Personal skills
  • Digital skills
Couriers will also be able to see Glovo Content (e.g. how to use the app, road safety videos, setting up virtual focus groups and webinars, etc.)

Over time, trends and interests will be analysed in order to look for more content!

Visit the G-Learning Platform on Foxize and sign in with the same email address you use for delivery at Glovo. That’s it!

You can join as many courses, webinars or focus groups as you want for free! The first year of courses are free of charge.

The idea is to help couriers create an opportunity to access other qualified activities. That being said, G-Learning can be a powerful tool for couriers to develop both their personal and professional skills. Thanks to several surveys that were carried out, it was verified that the topic “Learning/Training/ Courses” appears in the top 5 challenges for couriers. With G-Learning, couriers around the world are helped to overcome this challenge.