How often do I receive my earnings?

You earn money for each order you complete. Each payment period lasts for a fortnight. The period begins on Monday at 00:00 and ends the following Sunday at 23:59. All the orders you complete within these two weeks will be added up and you will be paid.

How will I be paid?

A bank transfer will be made to the bank account that you give us. Invoices are generated and money will be transferred at the beginning of every invoicing period. When the transfer is made, the money can take a few days to reach your account depending on your bank.

How do I read the invoice?

The invoice is divided into 3 sections: the information, the total sum generated and the total adjustments:

  • If you need to change the personal information in the first section, don’t hesitate to contact Support.
  • The total sum generated is the sum of the services provided, or the total amount earned through accepted orders and extra promotions.
  • The total of adjustments takes into account cash withdrawn from the cash balance and administrative costs such as material rental, deposits or previous negative invoices, or misuse of the card. The total of adjustments might be positive (in your favour, which will be added to your earnings), or negative (in Glovo’s favour, which will be discounted from your earnings).
The total amount to receive is what will be paid into your bank account.

What kind of imbalances might I see on the invoice?

  • Adjustments for misuse of the card. The most common reasons are the following:
    • You have used the card in an establishment that didn’t correspond to the order you were in the process of. For example, in a restaurant with which Glovo already collaborates and you don’t need to pay, or at a store where you didn’t need to pay for the product but only pick it up, as indicated by the user who placed the order.
    • You have taken cash out of an ATM to pay for a product and kept the change.
    • You have lost the order after having paid with the card at the pickup point. It can happen if the order is reassigned, if there is a connection failure or due to force majeure.
  • Adjustments due to cash withdrawal from the cash balance. As you know, the cash balance is money that you’ve been paid by users, that you keep to be able to pay at businesses. Every so often, you’ll be able to withdraw money from this balance as an advanced payment. All of this withdrawals will be added up and discounted from your invoice, as you’ve already received payment.
  • Administrative adjustments for materials or past negative invoices. For example, adjustments for material deposits.

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