The customer is not at the delivery point
Try to reach the customer first. if that's not possible, you can ask for help through the Support chat.
customer’s card does not work:
To avoid this happening, we recommend you to hand the order over after the customer has signed. If this happens, explain in a kind way to the customer that they have to enter a new card through the application. If this is not possible, you can ask for help in the Support chat.

The partner is closed:
You can contact Support.
The Partner is missing a product or the order still in progress:
You can manage this situation directly with the customer and the Partner. If you don’t agree with a solution, you can always deliver the order without the missing product, but you have to upload the receipt with the new total amount (without the missing product). That will be also the amount that the partner will receive for the order.
The Partner hasn’t received the order or is not ready yet:

You may want to contact the customer and tell them that the order will be delayed. They will appreciate your transparency and probably will give you a better rating.

The price on the receipt doesn’t match with the app’s price
You can manually change the price in the app in order to make it match that on the receipt. But be careful, and keep in mind that if you enter the wrong amount, the difference will be on you.
The shop doesn’t accept card (for “Anything” orders):
You can take cash out from an ATM with the card and use it to pay for the order.
The shop doesn’t accept cash:
You can contact Support and ask for help.
You have to use a different payment method (card or cash) from the one mentioned in the app:
You can contact Support and ask for the paying method to be changed.

The customer made a mistake and asked for an “Anything” through the “Delivery Express” button:
You should ask Chat Support to change the order type.
The customer made a mistake and asked for a “Delivery Express” through an "Anything” button:
You should ask to change the order type in the Support chat.
The customer asked me to pick up another product from a different pick-up point:
You can kindly explain that they should order another Glovo.
The customer asked to cancel the order:
You can kindly explain to the customer that they should contact Support directly from the Glovo app.
The customer asked to change an address:
You can ask Chat Support to change the address.
I want to reassign the order:
If you have not accepted the order yet, you can press the red button on the bottom left of your screen. Otherwise, you should contact Support. You can check here how reassignment impacts your Excellence Score.
Reassignment impact
I had an accident:
The order should not be accepted. You can use the Support chat for help.
Claim insurance
I think the order contains a restricted material:
— Which materials are restricted?
Drugs, high amounts of alcohol, tabaco or medicine, meds that need a medical prescription, harmful products or unauthorised products (stolen or ilegal). If in any case, you realise that the customer’s order contains any of these products, we recommend you to contact Support and they will guide you through the next steps. Also, if you deliver an order that contains alcohol, we advise you to ask the customer for ID to check their age. If they’re not the minimum age allowed by your country, you should use the Support chat.